Mineral Belt Trail

The last grooming of the MBT will be Saturday 4/20/19. Enjoy the trail one last time before the rains come and melt the snow away.

Whether you are a walker/snowshoer, biker or skier, please DONATE so grooming can continue on Monday and Friday nights weather permitting. Wednesday night grooming will occur on an as needed basis. Signs are up along the trail to let you know how you can donate or mail a check to Lake County Recreation, PO Box 862, Leadville CO 80461.

Please be responsible dog owners and clean up after your pet. Dogs must be on a leash.

So all users can enjoy the trail:

*walker/snowshoers and bikers stay to the far side opposite the classic tracks,

*Skate skiers stay in the middle lane and Classic skiers in the track

The Mineral Belt Trail is being groomed by an independent contractor, so please direct feedback and inquires to the Lake County Recreation Advisory Board (lakecountyrecreation@gmail.com). CMC will be focusing their educational grooming practices on only the campus trails this winter.